Videogames and the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra

The power of music is something that is pure and reaches just about everyone. Combine the unfiltered joy of creating a beautiful sound with, well, a passion for video games, we get the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra. Performing arrangements from well known video game soundtracks, the orchestra welcomes people of all ages and skill levels to join in the fun. 

Modeled to be non-competitive and a stress free environment, the Baltimore Gamer Orchestra keeps an open door to all who wish to join the ensemble. If you have never sung or touched an instrument long enough to not remember what an eighth count looks, it’s ok. They will work with you because it’s the passion and commitment that matters. If you’d like to flex your musical chops, the only positions that require an audition are solos. The entire drive behind the formation of the orchestra is to bridge the love of gaming with the love of music. No one can deny that many games have beautifully composed soundtracks. In a way, it brings attention to a crucial aspect of gaming that we often overlook. We often don’t take time listen to the music while back tracking through a dungeon or level grinding, but we can recognize the pattern and identify the music when we hear it somewhere else. Music for video games is constructed in such a way as to not distract from the game, supplement the mood, and create a unique identifiable sound. The amount of care that goes into the musical structure of a game is worthy of dedication alone.

The Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra offers free performances and work together with companies in Baltimore. The orchestra has played for TigerCon, the Chesapeake Art Center, and with the Maryland Zoo to provide a concert and petting zoo for children and parents. The orchestra performs free concerts a few times a year and works with video game developers to showcase their music.

Catch the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the May the 4th Be With You in 2016 on Wednesday, you guessed it, May 4th. The event will take place all afternoon starting at 2 until early evening, starting with gaming, leading to a costumes contest, and the orchestra performs at 7. Tickets are available online for pre-order. The event will take place at the Chesapeake Art Center. Tickets are free to the first 10 people to provide a console, and $5 to play and see the concert.


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