The New 8-bit Heroes: A Baltimore film screening you should not miss

The New 8-bit Heroes.  A new cartridge based game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  A documentary about its development.

What is the value of the ambitions we discard in our childhood? What becomes of the juvenile interests that are sacrificed as part of our rite of passage into maturity? What happens when those ambitions are reintroduced into our adult lives?

Upon a visit to his former home in Central New York, Granato discovered a box of sentimental artifacts. Among them were forgotten illustrations, designed by he and other eight-year-old neighborhood friends, of concepts for a video game for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. After reveling in nostalgia, he decided it might be fun to try to realize those ambitions.

But instead of creating a new experience for a mobile device or modern console, he set out to use the same techniques and adhere to the same limitations that would have been employed in 1988 to make a new cartridge based game that would actually be playable on the now archaic hardware for which it was originally intended.

Gathering a small team of modern creatives, what began as an explorative novelty project about building a video game for a system 30 years removed from relevance escalated to a two-year, ten-thousand-mile journey into an esoteric subculture made up of devotees to this as an art form; those who thrive on the art of limitation.

See a recent piece in Los Angeles Magazine after a recent screener in LA at this link:

Featuring: Adam Goldberg (creator: ABC’s The Goldbergs, writer: Community), Piers Anthony (21 time bestselling fantasy novelist: Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality), David Sardy (Grammy Award winning producer and composer: Zombieland, Premium Rush, End of Watch), Howard Phillips (creator: Nintendo Power Magazine), Samuel Claiborn (Managing Editor: IGN), James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), David Markey (filmmaker: 1991: The Year Punk Broke) and many others.

Please contact info@TheNew8bitHeroes for information.

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