Local indie game publisher Versus Evil announces release of Banner Saga 2

Stoic teamed up with Versus Evil, a Baltimore gaming and indie publisher studio to release its follow up to the highly successful “Banner Saga.” The sequel, “The Banner Saga 2,” is available to gamers on Mac and PC starting today. Games will hit the shelves for consoles later this summer.

Stoic received acclaim for the first in the series, both from fans and critics alike. The first game was an award-winner, and even received a BAFTA nomination. The Banner Saga is a viking-themed Role Playing Game, wherein decisions made my characters affect gameplay down the road.

Being an indie game, the creators of “The Banner Saga” knew to turn to fans for the sequel. “The feedback and excitement we received from Banner Saga 1 really helped us work to make The Banner Saga 2 even better,” said Arnie Jorgensen, a founder of Stoic. “Huge thanks to the community!” the Art Director added.

For fans who are curious if the viking roleplaying aspect of the game will influence the game as much, GM of Versus Evil Steve Escalante said, “There is more of what everyone wanted plus more gut-wrenching choices.” He added, “…we hope fans enjoy it as much as we do.” Perhaps Stoic producing this indie game allows them to cater to fans wants more.

The Game is currently available on STEAM, and will be made available through standard gaming stores, like GameStop, in the summer. In addition, a Deluxe Edition will be released with the full soundtrack from Austin Wintory, a Grammy-nominated and BAFTA-winning composer. Gamers will be able to purchase the game ranging from $19.99 on STEAM and other sites, to $24.99 for the Deluxe Edition.


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