Indie Arcade: Coast to Coast looking for indie game submissions

It’s that time of year folks! Well, almost. The Indie Arcade is coming; that’s right, soon you will be able to play new games for free before anyone else!

The Indie Arcade provides consumers with the awesome ability to play games by independent game makers, individuals who make their games without major corporation funding and/or video game publisher support.

This event is especially important to those independent developers in particular. Designed as an exhibition with 20 entries within its first year, the Indie Arcade gives gamers the chance to have at these intrinsic and unique games. Players from around the country and globe get one full day to try their gaming hands by playing the games on display within the Smithsonian.

If you think playing games before they are even finished are cool, you haven’t seen anything yet. The classic arcade games that we know and love are always on display for everyone to appreciate. They also have games designed for learning and social impact.

This annual event, hosted by the Smithsonian Art Museum with support from American University Game Lab and MAGFest,

has been making a splash in the gamer community and in the nation’s capital.

To learn more about the importance of Indie Arcade on the Independent Game Developer check out this movie humbly called: Indie Game The Movie.

It follows the stories behind three games and their developers. Phil Fish, Tommy Refenes, Edmund McMillan, and Johnathon Blow. Each discusses the importance of their games, the art behind their games, and just how important these conventions can be.

One scene in particular takes place at the Indie Arcade in which Phil Fish, the creator of Fez – his artful and critically acclaimed game that has been in development for over 13 years – discusses the importance and impact on the Arcade.

Currently, the Indie Arcade is looking for submissions for their 2016 showing,

so be sure to get your entry in before the submission deadline: September 1, 2015. Selections for this lovely event are made by a panel of independent game makers such as David King (some gamers may recognize him from the IGDA chapter in Washington, D.C.) and Kaylin Lapan (from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.) If you have an in-development game that you would like to submit, the link is down below.

Remember that all submissions are due by September 1 for consideration for the 2016 showing.

For more information and to submit click on this link. All information was discovered on,,, and


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