The world needs a Michael Phelps VR simulator

With the Olympics underway and Baltimore legend Michael Phelps winning gold medals, one can only wonder when the Michael Phelps VR game will be released. Since the Oculus VR allows for users to view live events through their headsets, the Rio Olympics are streamed through the Oculus headset.

Other media can be used as well in conjunction with the Oculus’s VR technology. Movies like Suicide Squad have a free game to use, and many of the games that can be purchased for VR come at a reasonably low price. With that said, is it time for a VR Michael Phelps game? One can only imagine the joy people would have over being able to control the greatest Olympian of all time.

The VR experience could consist of going through the warm up cycle that Phelps goes through before he gets on the starting platform. Then the user would have to get in the starting position and hold until the starting sound goes off. The logistics of how a person would start the race would have to get ironed out before the game is released. The idea of a person jumping from their couch onto the floor might cause some broken bones or concussions and the VR headsets aren’t waterproof yet.

However the idea of a Michael Phelps VR game could be good for workouts considering the mixture of cardio as well as leg and arm exercises. The last time Phelps had a game it was on the Xbox 36o and it used the Kinect. The game was as good as it could have been because the Kinect was not as accurate as VR is today, so maybe Phelps can a new game that people really enjoy playing.

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