In order for your feature story to be considered for publication by BaltimoreGamer, please send a query letter to Your query should be between 50 and 200 words and should perfectly describe your story idea, as well as give the editor an impression of your writing ability and tone.

If we have not worked with you before, links to further writing samples are required.
Unsolicited, completed stories sent to the above address will be discarded. Queries sent to any address but the above, or via any form of communication other than email (to the above address) will be ignored.

In some cases, sourcing original images, artwork, video footage or other assets may be a key part of what makes your story stand out. You may need to take photos, ask developers to provide you with specific art, etc. In those cases, be sure to mention your plans for these assets briefly in your pitch.

BaltimoreGamer is looking for original work, new ideas and new ways of telling stories. We are looking for features that will enhance the reader’s understanding of and appreciation for video games, the people who make them and the business of selling them. We are looking for the great stories of our generation and the people who will write them.

Your successful pitch will be for an un-published work of non-fiction about or of interest to people in the video game business or a part of gaming culture. It will be a concise and self-contained idea for a story to be told using words, sounds and/or images. It will ideally be something we haven’t seen, and something only you can create.

At BaltimoreGamer, we use AP style for all written content. This includes features. Many or all of the questions you may have will be contained within the AP Stylebook.

While local content is highly regarded, we value a worldview perspective that is broad and can be applied to a wider audience.

  • Articles with loose definitions of play. Boardgames, public spaces, digital art, and toys are all fair game.
  • Articles that look far outside of games—particularly to the fields of architecture, film, music, design, and art, but also esports, religion, history, and so on—and draw connections back to games or play.
  • News features on the fascinating culture that can emerge around games; not fan art or cosplay but the sort of sociological art collectively emerging from the internet.
  • Submissions from female-identifying writers
  • Articles about diversity in games relating to race and gender.


Please be patient. We only  select a few stories each month. Responding to each applicant may take a few days.

You will be asked to produce a sample test assignment. This test will help us determine our future relationship with you as a writer.

Upon acceptance of your feature story pitch or given assignment, you will be assigned a word or time target and a deadline by your editor.

On or before your deadline, you will submit your work to your editor. If you are unable to meet your deadline, please notify your editor at least four business days before your article is due.

Draft written articles will be delivered, via email, as RTF, Word or Pages documents only.

Other media will be submitted per instructions assigned by your editor at the time of story approval.

Written articles will be single-spaced and will contain only one font. Accepted fonts are: Helvetica, Courier, Times New Roman or Calibri.

Feature articles must be well researched, contain a feature image along with optional supporting images and three links to outside blogs. The writer must always cite sources. 500-1000 words

Feature Images

Must be a high quality 960 x 540 in size.

Mixed Media

BaltimoreGamer accepts mixed media articles such as audio and video that tell compelling stories. Articles must be well researched, contain a feature image optional supporting images, and two links to outside blogs or sources. 350 – 500 words


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